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Unlock new possibilities of learning, no matter virtual or in-person.

One Size Fits All

We know that educating kids requires a broad variety of devices to be supported to make the classroom accessible for all students.

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What Teachers are Saying

Making sure everyone is focused on the same learning materials during lessons is stressful and time-consuming for both me and my students.

Anette, Teacher at Hanau State Academy

Stay in Sync

We know that well organized resources that are easily accessible to all students is key for conducive learning. ClassSpaces makes uploading, storing and sharing your lesson materials work like a charm.

Prepare Lesson

With ClassSpaces, you can get creative with your lesson materials. Connect all resource types – web pages, files and even links to any existing cloud storage you are using, for easy sharing during lessons.

Sharing Materials

Once you have all your resources connected with ClassSpaces, you are one click away from pushing learning materials to students’ devices.

Recap Materials

Gone are the days of spending hours planning, organizing and preparing lesson materials, just for your class to lose track of them a few days later. Everything shared during a lesson will still be accessible to all students after the lesson ends. Whether they are studying for an exam or doing their homework, students can recap and revise at any time.

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What Teachers are Saying

After trying out different classroom tools, I think being able to facilitate collaboration between students and also to manage that information being shared is key for teachers. It does not need to be over complicated.

IT Staff, School in Tennessee

Conduct Dynamic Lessons

Students are more likely to stay on task when they feel involved during lessons. With integrated screen sharing and chat functionalities that are bidirectional, students can actively participate in a lesson and interact with their classmates and teacher, making it a more engaging experience for everyone.

Present to Class

Share your screen and stream live content directly to students’ devices. Decide between sharing your whole screen, an application window or specific tabs in your browser.

Ask to Present

Facilitate student presentations, help out with a specific task or provide feedback on assignments by asking students to share their screens.


With the integrated chat function, everything you need is within a single browser. To encourage active participation, students can ask questions and interact with their peers or with the teacher before, during and after lessons. Teachers also have full control over the chat and can enable or disable it at any time if it disrupts the lesson.

Kids in the classroom

What Teachers are Saying

It’s really important for teachers to have visibility on what’s going on in the classroom because the hardest part about kids being on a 1:1 device is that I can no longer see all screens at the same time.

Carla, Department Chair at Dublin City Schools

Gain Full Transparency

We believe that education should take place in a safe and moderated environment. ClassSpaces supports functionalities that provide teachers with transparency and control over students’ screens during lessons.

Tab Control

Look over the shoulders of students with control over tabs. Teachers will have the ability to see active tabs, close tabs in real time, and even restrict specific domains that are unrelated to the lesson. This way, you get full transparency and will be able to understand their progress.

Screen Preview

Get a preview of all active screens on students’ devices, and also have the ability to block or close resources directly within that view.

Activity History

Know what pages your students were on during lessons. The timeline view provides you with insights into duration spent on each page so that you have an idea about their individual progress and engagement metric.

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